WE are our country. We create it and in exchange we get an opportunity to be our true selves. A country can only be strong if its citizens give it more than they take away.

Vytis (Lithuania’s coat of arms)


VYTIS has travelled with us through centuries. WE are VYTIS.
VYTIS symbolises three truths:


Lithuanian-Polish relations

Being strong means having reliable allies. This has always been the case for Lithuania and Poland, both of which understand that relationships need to be fostered mutually.


Future Lithuania

PEOPLE first.

I care about what my country will look like in 50 years’ time. So there is nothing more meaningful than investing in those who will be steering Lithuania in another 25-30 years. This is why I visit schools and share my experience with Lithuania’s young people.


Road traffic and logistics

I share my experiences and knowledge on safe traffic, future mobility and transport strategy with Lithuanian government.