Everyone has their own Dakar.

Dream responsibly, dreams come true.

The Dakar is over. The Dakar begins.

Determination is the main ingredient of success.

All safety instructions are written in blood.

The Dakar is not an adventure. Adventures happen IN the Dakar.

Every race driver wants to be the best.

The Dakar is won by those who can deal with tens of thousands of details best.

The Dakar is a war, where the main goal is to survive.

I have a talisman. It’s called preparation!

If you know any racing drivers, do not bother them before the race starts.

Driving over sand dunes is like dancing. I feel good there.

People mostly lack wisdom. Everything else comes after that.

I am fascinated by driving – processes more than cars.

If you weren’t interested in the Dakar, I wouldn’t be here.

I don’t have time for glowing. I care about creating value.

Every meter of every race matters.

We often do what we are used to do. That’s not necessarily the best option.

We are not rich enough to buy cheap stuff.

If you want to drive fast, you have to stop thinking.

I didn’t come here to wait for others to make mistakes. I came here to race.

I am yet to meet a single person wise enough to learn from the mistakes of others.

Professional sport is not healthy. You are constantly crossing the limits.

The Dakar is like a pressure cooker – everything a normal person would experience over their lifetime happens within two weeks here.

There are no guarantees when you aim for the best result. But there is such as thing as your reputation.

What really gets me off the track is the rocks (after the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia)

In life you are either the one who fights tooth and nail to get it done or you are a whiner.

I will join anyone who wants to join me.